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the roads have new rules

Leaders in intelligent multi-media surveillance, analysis and real-time applications for mobile law enforcement


  • Protect Your Team

    Every time an officer leaves his or her vehicle their lives are at risk and their time is squandered. Together we can optimize vehicle stops and maximize usable evidence in addition to or as an alternative to officer testimony.

  • Saving Lives

    Over 1.3 million people are killed in traffic collisions every year. That means that on average over 3,200 people lose their lives on the road every day. It is well known that one of the most significant contributing factors to this statistic is the cellphone. Our system has been specifically designed to provide conclusive evidence in court to obtain convictions for distracted driving and cellphone use. Let us show you how our tools and technology are easy to use and effective in saving lives!

  • Fewer Court Cases

    When presented with clear and obvious footage, the average driver will understand that pleading not guilty will only result in a conviction, court fees and points on their license. By presenting violators with the proof of their violation, the officers' time in court will be reduced, freeing them to be out on patrol, preventing crime and performing their duties. More effective enforcement means fewer overtime hours, reduced congestion in courts and better resource management.

  • Winning in Court

    The most minor discrepancy in summons preparation or testimony can result in a case being dismissed. Not only do drivers remain unaccountable for their violations, the police officers' reputation is on the line. Roadmetric provides airtight digital evidence that is critical backup to, and can reduce the need for, officer testimony.

  • Bandwidth & Budget

    Money is tight and a good squad is not easy to find. We know this. We work to maximize your best potential by providing the latest technology know-how at the most competitive prices.

  • Automated Policing

    No matter how alert we may be we can’t possibly be alert to everything that is going on around us. The Roadmetric system adds the 360 degree peripheral vision that will assist you in the performance of your duty. Our system will alert you to numerous events including the instant identification of stolen or wanted cars by collecting information and evidence on the move allowing for more efficient policing.


People - You

Enforcement Personnel

Your job is to keep your community safe. Our job is to keep you safe. We allow you to focus on actual police work without having to worry about defending yourself. With every activity outside of the car being constantly recorded and/or monitored in real time, an officer is no longer “alone” when he leaves his vehicle.

VARS, Technology Consultants & Integration Companies

The system is affordable, simple to install, and easy to operate and maintain. It is the only system that provides streaming HD-quality video across the newest communication technology available today. Its modular architecture is designed for seamless upgrades.

Civil Servants & Elected Officials

If you are the one responsible, then you need to be the one who is capable. The buck stops with you, so the success should start with you as well. By allowing your police force rapid response to any event and more control of each event as it unfolds, lives will be saved, crime will drop and thanks will be on their way to you.

You & US