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Provide service to clients and manage projects to achieve business results.

Create and deliver unique technical solutions and perform proof of concepts (POC’s) tailored explicitly for a given customer.

Assist with technical questions or concerns during the sales process and frequently participate in the initial portion of the project specification process.

Respond to RFI’s and tenders.  Prepare the technical response to RFPs and other documents as required together with a technical writer

Determine the technical requirements to meet client goals.

Supply the technical details of proposed solutions.

Focused on constant improvement by getting open and direct feedback from sales.

Act as a technical expert capable of adapting the company’s products and solutions to complex customer environments.

Ability to engage with sophisticated customers in detailed technical discussions, making them confident that you understand their problems and offer them solutions.

Understanding the customers’ environments and their evolving needs.

Emphasize our products and their unique differentiation to effect process change.

Deployment of our solutions for both loyal as well as new customers.

Maintain relationships with existing customers and ensuring they have the confidence in your abilities.

Ensure that a product delivered, meets users’ needs.

Represent the needs of end-users, use this information to determine what features to develop.

This is a cross-functional role within the company between different functions, most notably between R&D, sales and support.

Act as the voice of the user and be passionate about user experience.

Test the product, talk to users and get user feedback first hand.

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Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Meet regularly with product developers, QA and sales.
  • Collect, analyze and respond to user feedback.
  • Demonstrate new ideas and features.
  • Learn about users and a product’s market.
  • Research competitors and similar products.
  • Support sales as a technical adviser
  • Demonstrate the products (POC and shows).
  • Respond to RFIs and Tenders.
  • Attend conferences and events related to the product.
  • Perform sales presentations.
  • Offer unique solutions based on the product’s technological advantages.
  • ability to travel 50% of the time
  • a non-Israel passport would be an advantage
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