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In-Car Video

Superior video means superior evidence in court. It also means better evidence when investigating citizen complaints against officers and better video for training officers or reviewing their responses in various situations.

Enforcement Deputy is the best in-car video system available today. Purpose-built to capture license plate images even at high speeds and in poor light, we record superior quality video in all four directions onto a solid state disk.

Video “events” capturing a violation in progress can be triggered manually at the push of a button, automatically under certain conditions, or via standard police equipment such as lidar or radar guns. A pop-up screen enables the officer to classify the event, and add a verbal description via the car’s internal microphone.

One Enforcement Deputy software upgrade provides live video feed to a dispatcher or commanding officer from any camera or microphone in the system. An officer entering a potentially dangerous situation can initiate a live stream and commanders can use the system’s advanced GPS and mapping tools to evaluate the best response.


The ENFORCEMENT DEPUTY™ system consists of a fleet of vehicles supporting in-car equipment, and a central command station supporting back-end equipment.

The in-car equipment includes the following main assemblies and units:

  • Processing unit – vehicle data recorder
  • Front/rear camera assemblies
  • Side camera assemblies
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • GPS receiver/antenna
  • Manual control unit
  • WiFi upload to back-end server
  • Optional roof- and dashboard-mounted cameras (optional upgrade)
  • Body-worn wireless microphone and camera (optional upgrade)


The ENFORCEMENT DEPUTYsystem comprises the following features:

  • Robust, shock resistant in-car system, designed for a police-car environment – suitable for installation in modern police vehicles
  • Thermal design for use in extreme in-car temperature conditions
  • Four synchronized full-HD cameras (1080 x 1920), providing a 360° view around the vehicle.
  • Accurate, high-reception GPS receiver.
  • Special camera-control algorithms allowing high visibility in varying lighting conditions and smooth brightness transition through shadows and tunnels and between cameras.
  • Proprietary real-time anti-blur exposure control creates sharp images without post-processing, including sharp license plate images of moving vehicles in challenging light conditions and at extreme relative speed
  • Each video frame includes time-stamp, GPS location, speed and direction of travel
  • Easy re-installation procedure in case the system needs to be removed from a car

Motorcycle version

A lightweight two-camera version of the system is available for deployment on a motorcycle, utilizing IP66 (all-weather cameras) for safe event recording at all times.

Optional System Upgrades

The basic system can be expanded to include up to four additional cameras, including a 360°degree PTZ camera mounted on the roof of the car, manual zoom cameras and ultra-high definition 4K cameras. An internal camera equipped with night-vision capabilities can be installed to monitor apprehended suspects in the back seat of the car.

The system can also include body-worn wireless cameras and microphones that record all interactions between officers and civilians both in and out of the patrol car.