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Mobile ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a critical part of many of Enforcement Deputy’s traffic law enforcement features, from parking to speeding, from our Bus Lane Enforcer to our Road Safety Alert System.

ANPR works quietly in the background, reading every license plate that comes into view of the cameras. Whenever Enforcement Deputy needs to look up whether a vehicle is allowed to use a bus lane or park in a restricted area, it identifies that vehicle using the attached plate number. Whenever Enforcement Deputy detects a traffic law violation, the evidence package includes not just the plate number but also a cropped image of the plate itself.

In addition, Enforcement Deputy offers ANPR lookup. This feature looks up every plate number on lists of Vehicles of Interest (VoI) that are stored both inside the system and on external servers maintained by law enforcement. If the plate number is found on one of these lists, a video recording is made of the vehicle’s presence and the officers on duty are immediately alerted.

ANPR lookup helps catch wanted criminals, find stolen cars, and identify unlicensed or uninsured vehicles.

Why do I need this?

License plate data  is streamed to the central command station, where it is used to build a database of cars and their locations for real time crime investigations. The combination of ANPR and geographical meta-data allows the system to correlate positional frequency, which could be a factor in identifying potential criminal activity (for example, when the same vehicle is identified making numerous runs around a local bank).

Furthermore, incoming ANPR data is compared in real time to a database of known license numbers. When a match occurs, any relevant information – for example, if the car is stolen, the driver is a wanted suspect, his license is suspended or insurance is unpaid – is relayed to the officer in the field, who can then take whatever precautions are necessary to approach or apprehend the driver of the blacklisted vehicle. In this manner, ANPR functionality provides the combined benefits of data collection, crime prevention and enhanced protection for officers in the field.


The ENFORCEMENT DEPUTY™ Mobile ALPR system and a central command station supporting back-end equipment.

The in-car equipment includes the following main assemblies and units:

  • processing unit / vehicle data recorder
  • front/rear camera assemblies
  • side camera assemblies
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • GPS receiver/antenna
  • manual control unit
  • optional roof- and dashboard-mounted cameras (optional upgrade)
  • WiFi upload to back-end server



The ENFORCEMENT DEPUTY™ Mobile ALPR system comprises the following features:

  • Robust, shock resistant in-car system, designed for a police-car environment – suitable for installation in modern police vehicles
  • Thermal design for use in extreme in-car temperature conditions
  • Accurate, high-reception GPS receiver
  • Sophisticated, proprietary computer vision algorithms for calculating speed and measuring the distance between a tailgating vehicle and the vehicle being followed.
  • License plate captures at 25M (82’) and relative speed of 240 KPH (150 MPH)
  • Special camera-control algorithms allowing high visibility in varying lighting conditions and smooth brightness transition through shadows and tunnels and between cameras
  • Proprietary real-time anti-blur exposure control creates sharp images without post-processing, including sharp license plate images of moving vehicles in challenging light conditions and at extreme relative speed
  • Easy re-installation procedure in case the system needs to be removed from a car


The motorcycle version is available in selected countries


and this is how it works