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Parking Inspector

Parking Inspector is RoadMetric’s comprehensive and flexible solution for enforcing parking regulations of all kinds. Our system handles illegal parking, paid parking, resident-only parking, disabled parking, and more.

Four kinds of enforcement

Mobile enforcement

RoadMetric offers mobile enforcement solutions for every type of traffic violation – and parking is no different. Our automated camera units mounted on patrol cars that drive through the city are ideal for low-cost, low-maintenance enforcement of curbside parking across a wide area.

The ANPR cameras automatically identify the plate number of every parked vehicle that they pass. The type of parking space is identified using its GPS coordinates or using video analytics, and compared against a detailed city map of legal and illegal parking spaces, disabled parking spaces, bus stops, and others.

Curbside enforcement

RoadMetric offers stationary cameras that can be used to monitor curbside parking, whether parallel or perpendicular. We use a pair of cameras for this purpose: one overview camera that uses object detection and tracking to detect the entry and exit of a vehicle into a parking space, and another that uses ANPR to capture that vehicle’s plate number.

Each camera unit is capable of handling several different types of parking spaces simultaneously. For example, a single camera might cover a city block of paid parking that also includes one or two disabled parking spaces and bus stops. Parking Inspector divides the camera feed into different “zones” and applies the appropriate rules to each zone.

Enforcement in an open parking lot

RoadMetric’s stationary camera units can also be used to monitor parking in an open parking lot. In preparation for this scenario, we conduct a site survey in which we determine how to cover all of the parking spaces with the fewest possible camera units.

Each unit generally uses a pair of cameras: one overview camera that uses object detection and tracking to recognize whenever a car enters a parking space, and one that uses ANPR to capture that vehicle’s plate number.

Enforcement in a closed parking lot

RoadMetric stationary camera units can be mounted at the entrances and exits of a closed parking lot, to measure how long a vehicle spent in the lot and automatically charge its owner for the parking time that was used. Each entry and exit is logged along with the plate number, date, and time.

Whenever a vehicle exits the lot, the system automatically checks how long the vehicle remained inside. This information, along with video footage of the vehicle’s entrance and exit, is sent to the parking lot’s billing software so that the vehicle’s owner can be charged for the parking time that was used.

Flexibility for you

When you buy a Parking Inspector system from RoadMetric, our team will interview you to get a full list of the types of parking that you want it to enforce. Some examples:

  • A vehicle parked in the disabled parking zone is verified against a list of authorized vehicles, and issued a ticket if it has no permit;
  • A vehicle stopping in the bus stop zone is checked against a list of plate numbers belonging to buses, and issued a ticket if it is not a bus;
  • A vehicle parked in a tow-away zone is reported to law enforcement for immediate towing;
  • A vehicle entering a paid parking lot is checked against a list of registered subscribers, and is automatically charged for the amount of time it spends in the parking lot;
  • A vehicle parked on a street with alternate-side parking regulations is checked to ensure that it is parked on the correct side for the current day of the week.

We will code everything into Parking Inspector on your behalf: how to differentiate between parking zones using GPS coordinates or video analytics; how to access and communicate with the relevant lookup databases; and how the system should respond to each situation.


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