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Quick Click™

RoadMetric’s Quick Click™ application is the system’s back office, processing the raw data generated by Enforcement Deputy into evidence files and tickets. Quick Click allows the officer to review each recorded violation and produce a short video file highlighting the key evidence.

Quick Click software reads the violating vehicle’s license plate and retrieves motor vehicle registry information, including the name, photo and driving history of the registered driver. After the officer verifies the driver or swipes the driver’s license, citation fields are populated automatically with motor vehicle registry data. The patrol officer can then add details describing the violation and print out a ticket. The application can also run on station computers so that tickets can be processed efficiently by station personnel.

Faced with high quality video evidence, most offenders will pay on-line and avoid going to court. RoadMetric’s end-to-end traffic software saves the officer’s time, reduces the number of court cases and wins convictions. Many drivers believe, often correctly, that they can beat a ticket in court. Quality video evidence that catches a traffic violation in context will largely put an end to that. This will lead to better driving and safer roads.


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