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Bus Lane Enforcer™

BUS LANE ENFORCER™ is RoadMetric’s automated solution for the enforcement of public transport lanes. Our bus-mounted cameras require less hardware and lower maintenance costs than roadside surveillance – and yet provide better real-world results. After all, the most important part of the bus lane, the part that must be kept clear of private traffic more than any other, is the part right in front of the bus.


Bus Lane Enforcer is fully automated, requiring no user interface:

  • Turns on along with the vehicle ignition
  • Begins enforcement when the bus enters a public transport lane, and ends enforcement once again when it leaves
  • Verifies that the other vehicles in the bus lane are authorized to be there
  • Takes photographic and/or video evidence while the bus is in motion
  • Uploads the collected data to the central server
  • Turns off again along with the engine.

All of this is done without any driver intervention; in fact, if you select our covert installation option, he or she does not even need to be aware that the system is installed.


While the bus is in transit, Bus Lane Enforcer continuously tracks its current coordinates using GPS. By comparing these coordinates to an internal map of local bus lanes, the system knows exactly when to begin and end enforcement.

While in the bus lane, the forward-facing ANPR camera monitors the area ahead of the bus for visible plate numbers. Bus Lane Enforcer then compares these plate numbers to lists of authorized vehicles: emergency vehicles, other buses, taxis – whoever is allowed to use a public transport lane according to local laws.

If a vehicle is detected that is not on the authorized list, the camera captures a short video clip as proof of illegal travel in a public transport lane. Alongside this video clip is a cropped image of the number plate, the current date, time, and GPS location, and any other relevant information you may choose to include.


  • No Costly Infrastructure – Most public bus lane enforcement systems available today employ expensive outdoor camera units that need to be installed and connected to the electricity grid.
  • Better Deterrence – Unlike stationary units which can be located and avoided, our mobile cameras constantly patrol the bus lanes and can appear at any time.
  • Completely autonomous – Does not require the driver to manage its operation.
  • Indisputable Evidence – Each unauthorized license plate number generates video of the violation and stills of the offending vehicle.
  • Simplified Processing – Our back-office processing software does most of the work. With a few simple clicks, operators can review the relevant video and issue tickets.