Public Bus Lane Enforcement

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Public Bus Lane Enforcement

RoadMetric’s Public Lane Enforcement System uses bus-mounted video cameras that automatically detect private vehicles interfering with the free flow of public traffic. It identifies their license plates while ignoring those vehicles permitted to travel in the bus lane. No infrastructure investment is required, and no involvement on the part of the bus driver.

Videos of bus-lane violations are transmitted automatically via WiFi to the terminal back office, where our software facilitates the efficient review of violations and printing of tickets. A flexible, easy-to-use administration program enables the user to update bus lanes and times.

The Bus Lane Enforcement System operates alone or as part of RoadMetric’s suite of law enforcement tools.


  • No Costly Infrastructure – Most public bus lane enforcement systems available today employ expensive outdoor camera units that need to be installed and connected to the electricity grid.
  • Better Deterrence – Unlike stationary units which can be located and avoided, our mobile cameras constantly patrol the bus lanes and can appear at any time.
  • Completely autonomous – Does not require the driver to manage its operation.
  • Indisputable Evidence – Each unauthorized license plate number generates video of the violation and stills of the offending vehicle.
  • Simplified Processing – Our back-office processing software does most of the work. With a few simple clicks, operators can review the relevant video and issue tickets.