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Mobile Photo Enforcement

RoadMetric’s Enforcement DeputyTM enables police to implement innovative enforcement strategies that reduce property damage, injury and fatalities. The system uses four Full HD (1080p) cameras and a powerful processor, to record all types of traffic violations: speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, ignoring signs and signals, dangerous lane changes and not yielding right-of-way. Our incontrovertible video evidence wins in court.

With Enforcement Deputy’s manual and automatic photo enforcement of traffic violations, one patrol officer might catch five, ten or more violations per hour. This dramatic increase in efficiency will translate into a significant improvement in the effectiveness of enforcement. Public knowledge of the mobile recording system will result in a change in driving behavior, which will lead to safer roads and fewer injuries.

Automated Speed Detection

RoadMetric uses Computer Vision technologies to determine the speed of vehicles within view of a patrol car. When a vehicle exceeds the defined limit, a configurable alarm alerts the patrol officer and video of the violation is stored as an event. The officer may then stop the offending vehicle at his discretion.

RoadMetric is using Computer Vision to develop automated detection for a range of other traffic violations as well.

Manual Photo Enforcement

Traditional traffic enforcement requires the patrol officer to stop the violator at the side of the road in order to acquire information and write out a ticket, which can be time-consuming, dangerous or simply impossible. Using Enforcement Deputy, officers witnessing a traffic violation need only press the control button, describe what they see into the vehicle’s internal microphone and continue patrolling. This enables them to use their discretion to pull over only those vehicles exhibiting dangerous or criminal behavior.

At the end of the shift, video events are uploaded to the station server, where the patrol officer or station personnel can review them and process violations using RoadMetric’s Quick Click software. Violators receive notice either electronically or by mail.