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Back Office

Back Office is RoadMetric’s full-service management software. Officers in the station use it to support and monitor the situation in the field. No matter which product you install in the vehicle or what extra features you purchase, Back Office assists you as you monitor and review the activity of your Enforcement Deputy system.

With Back Office, you can:

  • View the real-time location and location history of each patrol vehicle
  • Stream live video from any of the units in the field
  • Search through the list of recorded events and watch the raw video
  • Review and add details to any recorded event, including date, time, location, officer comments, and more
  • Issue tickets based on traffic violations or other criminal acts that were caught on video
  • View and search through the list of detected license plate numbers
  • Manage the list of authorized users, including updating emails and passwords
  • Manage lists of suspicious vehicles and send updates to the units in the field
  • Edit the bus lane, parking, and speed limit maps of your area
  • And more

When you purchase your system, you can pick and choose which of these features you want to include. Our modular design enables you to select only those features you actually need.

Event Review and Processing

Event recordings, bookmarks and associated data are uploaded to the station, where they are stored in the video evidence database. Events can be searched or sorted by vehicle number, officer name, time, location, case number or event type. Patrol officers or station personnel review and classify events that were not already reviewed during a patrol and assign video records to case files.

Full Audit Trail

Station Deputy provides a full audit trail with a record of who accesses video data, when, and for what purpose. Some videos may be deemed valuable for teaching purposes and can be exported by supervisors to external files for this purpose.

Video Retention

Station Deputy automatically deletes video according to the retention rules defined by the enforcement agency. For example, serious events can be stored indefinitely, while minor traffic violations are deleted after a few months. Events of no evidentiary value are erased according to configurable rules.

System Features

Station Deputy provides tools for managing user permissions, encrypting files, managing storage, downloading new software versions to vehicles, managing scheduled maintenance and vehicle software version control, among others.

RoadMetric’s proprietary Software tracks vehicle activity and supports extensive mapping features. This allows Station Deputy to produce meaningful statistics and reports.