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RoadMetric’s mobile platform integrates ALPR and a superior video recorder with innovative software in an all-in-one photo enforcement system. In your car and back at the station, we process event recordings into video evidence and tickets, manage and store your video evidence efficiently and securely.

Enforcement Deputy’s open, modular architecture allows you to buy what you need now and upgrade later. You can start with one dash camera or four full HD cameras capturing superior video in each direction, add body-worn or back-seat cameras, add PTZ or dashboard zoom cameras – our powerful processing unit can handle it all.

Take our in-car event recorder and add ALPR or photo enforcement software later. With Enforcement Deputy, you can integrate readings from leading lidar and radar systems with our video evidence to catch violators every time.

Combine cutting-edge software with rugged hardware built for military and police use in one modular mobile system that does more than you can imagine.

In-Car Video

Superior video means superior evidence in court. It also means better evidence when investigating citizen complaints against officers and better video for training officers or reviewing their responses in various situations.

Enforcement Deputy is the best in-car video system available today. Purpose-built to capture license plate images even at high…

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Mobile ALPR

RoadMetric’s Automatic License Plate Reader works quietly in the background, reading license plates and alerting the patrol officer when a hot-listed vehicle comes into view. ALPR helps find wanted criminals, identify stolen cars and catch unlicensed or uninsured vehicles. A log file of identified license plates with time and…

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Public Bus Lane Enforcement

RoadMetric’s Public Lane Enforcement System uses bus-mounted video cameras that automatically detect private vehicles interfering with the free flow of public traffic. It identifies their license plates while ignoring those vehicles permitted to travel in the bus lane. No infrastructure investment is required, and no involvement on the part…

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Mobile Photo Enforcement

RoadMetric’s Enforcement DeputyTM enables police to implement innovative enforcement strategies that reduce property damage, injury and fatalities. The system uses four Full HD (1080p) cameras and a powerful processor, to record all types of traffic violations: speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, ignoring signs and signals, dangerous lane changes and not…

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Quick Click™

RoadMetric’s Quick Click™ application is the system’s back office, processing the raw data generated by Enforcement Deputy into evidence files and tickets. Quick Click allows the officer to review each recorded violation and produce a short video file highlighting the key evidence.

Quick Click software reads the violating vehicle’s license…

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Station Deputy™

Station Deputy is an enterprise-class, scalable evidence management platform based on common Microsoft technologies – Windows Server, SQL and Active Directory. RoadMetric can integrate our station and server software with existing police systems or provide the entire management platform, servers and software for efficiently storing and processing all of…

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