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RoadMetric’s mobile platform integrates ALPR and a superior video recorder with innovative software in an all-in-one photo enforcement system. In your car and back at the station, we process event recordings into video evidence and tickets, manage and store your video evidence efficiently and securely.

Enforcement Deputy’s open, modular architecture allows you to buy what you need now and upgrade later. You can start with one dash camera or four full HD cameras capturing superior video in each direction, add body-worn or back-seat cameras, add PTZ or dashboard zoom cameras – our powerful processing unit can handle it all.

Take our in-car event recorder and add ALPR or photo enforcement software later. With Enforcement Deputy, you can integrate readings from leading lidar and radar systems with our video evidence to catch violators every time.

Combine cutting-edge software with rugged hardware built for military and police use in one modular mobile system that does more than you can imagine.

Road Safety Alert System

The Road Safety Alert System (RSAS) is RoadMetric’s proven solution for the protection of fire crews responding to an incident on a busy roadway. Using state-of-the-art video motion detection (VMD) and object tracking, the RSAS warns the crew of an imminent collision whenever a vehicle ignores traffic cones or…

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Transit Protector

Transit Protector is RoadMetric’s hands-free solution for protecting the lives of passengers on streetcars and school buses. Provide true deterrence, reduce accidents, and catch criminals with these two special configurations of Enforcement Deputy.

Student Guardian

Too often do impatient drivers try to pass a school bus that is loading or unloading…

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Speed Limit Enforcement

RoadMetric has developed an advanced image-processing algorithm that measures a vehicle’s speed – using only its appearance in video footage.


The speeding detection feature of Enforcement Deputy uses computer vision technology to detect and track the movement of a vehicle through a scene. It then uses an optical flow-based…

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Cell Phone Detection

ROADMETRIC is proud to present the newest feature available for Enforcement Deputy™: Automatic detection of illegal cell phone use.

Almost every country in the world has passed laws against using hand-held cellular phones while driving. But these l aws are never enforced very well. We all know how easy it…

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In-Car Video

Superior video means superior evidence in court. It also means better evidence when investigating citizen complaints against officers and better video for training officers or reviewing their responses in various situations.

Enforcement Deputy is the best in-car video system available today. Purpose-built to capture license plate images even at high…

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Mobile ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a critical part of many of Enforcement Deputy’s traffic law enforcement features, from parking to speeding, from our Bus Lane Enforcer to our Road Safety Alert System.

ANPR works quietly in the background, reading every license plate that comes into view of the cameras….

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Bus Lane Enforcer™

BUS LANE ENFORCER™ is RoadMetric’s automated solution for the enforcement of public transport lanes. Our bus-mounted cameras require less hardware and lower maintenance costs than roadside surveillance – and yet provide better real-world results. After all, the most important part of the bus lane, the part that must be…

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Enforcement Deputy™

Enforcement Deputy™ is RoadMetric’s full-service ICV and ANPR platform. It is designed to fulfill all of the needs and expectations of your law enforcement organization in one convenient package:

  • In-car video surveillance
  • Event creation
  • ANPR detection of suspicious vehicles
  • Automated and manual detection of traffic violations
  • Exporting evidence for…
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Parking Inspector

Parking Inspector is RoadMetric’s comprehensive and flexible solution for enforcing parking regulations of all kinds. Our system handles illegal parking, paid parking, resident-only parking, disabled parking, and more.

Four kinds of enforcement

Mobile enforcement

RoadMetric offers mobile enforcement solutions for every type of traffic violation – and parking is no different. Our…

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Back Office

Back Office is RoadMetric’s full-service management software. Officers in the station use it to support and monitor the situation in the field. No matter which product you install in the vehicle or what extra features you purchase, Back Office assists you as you monitor and review the activity of…

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