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An innovative technology company offering the latest smart in-car video systems for the collection of crucial intelligence and data in real time while patrolling the streets of your community.

Established in 2007, The company designs, manufactures and markets enforcement tools that change the way law is enforced and improve safety. Extensive experience in the fields of computer vision, software, and electronics engineering has allowed RoadMetric to successfully develop game-changing products. The drive for innovation has led to industry-first solutions for effective enforcement of dangerous traffic law violations – such as texting, tailgating, solid-line crossing and, failure to yield right-of-way. At the same time, the system is recording 360 degrees around the patrol car, collecting ANPR and streaming it all live to a main control center.

Distracted Driving

The truck driver clearly has a cellphone in his hand. The video captures the license plate of the offending vehicle along with a record of the violation

illegal passing

This car is putting his life and all the others around him in danger. The RoadMetric system automatically detected him and send him a citation
illegal crossing
Pedestrian cross walk


  • This violating vehicle uses using the left turn lane to the pass enforcement vehicle, cutting in just before a traffic island. This video demonstrates our night time recording, using quality cameras and light-responsive video algorithms, but no special night vision equipment.

  • This video shows an SUV cutting in front of the enforcement vehicle, moving right and then left without signaling. The violation and license plate number are clearly visible without using special night vision equipment.

  • Using a cellular phone while driving

  • Blocking an intersection

  • crossing intersection with a Red light during the rain

  • Driving against on coming traffic

  • Not yielding right of way at a pedestrian crossing.

  • I missed that turn what should I do?

  • This motorcycle has been captured by our system crossing a solid line. The evidence file will include a clear ANPR reading of the motorcycle’s license plate.

  • This car was captured by our mobile system crossing an intersection during a red light. Our ANPR system took a clear reading of the license plate for the evidence file.

  • Solid line crossing